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Project Description

Client: Richard Gregory Location: Tacoma, WA

Industrial Construction Solutions for Process Chemicals Project Description: Building the right structure for your business can be tough, especially if it’s custom-made to fit your specific needs. This short description of industrial construction solutions summarizes the specific solution for this project and the steps that we took to complete this project. It was an indoor chemical storage facility and the foundation of a new chemical plant that needed to be built quickly and efficiently. Using these principles, we found the perfect balance between time and cost and created the right building (or renovation) that met all of the client's needs now and in the future. 1) Industrial Construction Challenges Often, industrial construction projects such as those involving process chemicals can be difficult to tackle. For one thing, they involve major investments of time and money; if you don’t factor in these costs properly, you could waste a lot of time or money along your journey. For another, it’s not always easy to find skilled labor—skilled workers with a good work ethic are almost impossible to find at any price point! And finally, there is no substitute for experience: getting something right on paper isn’t going to make it right when you get on site. You need detailed people who have been around enough times that they know how things go wrong—and how much headspace to leave in their plans when estimating everything else out. 2) Considerations in Process Chemical Facilities The chemical processing industry is an important part of almost every industrial economy. However, as many of these industries become increasingly complex, process construction has become a crucial component to their success. There are four major considerations to take into account when designing and building a new process facility: safety, production requirements, economics and regulatory compliance. Each one has specific needs and challenges that need to be addressed by design and implementation teams. One area of industrial construction solutions critical to industrial facilities—be they industrial plants or industrial plants—is how they’re constructed. Although there are no hard-and-fast rules about process architecture layout, there are best practices that can guide designers toward buildings with safe operating conditions, low operating costs and easy maintenance. 3) Industrial Construction Contractors for Project Management If you’re a business owner in need of a new project, whether it’s growing your facilities or purchasing equipment, it’s important to consider all aspects of construction. A common mistake is hiring an industrial construction contractor with insufficient experience handling your type of project. If you work with an industrial construction management firm that has experience handling process chemicals projects, you can trust that they will provide value in all phases of your project. 4) Other Considerations when Choosing Industrial Construction Companies When it comes to selecting an industrial construction company, there are a few major factors that most companies will take into consideration. One of these is price. It is vital to make sure that you are getting a fair deal from your construction company, but do not sacrifice quality by going with a cheaper option if you know what you want and they can deliver it. Another important factor is time. The industrial sector typically operates on a very tight schedule, so choosing a construction company who has built up a reputation for being prompt and reliable in their deliveries is extremely beneficial.

The Challenges

We faced unique challenges when it came to handling and storing process chemicals and other flammable and hazardous materials. If you run an industrial facility that handles any flammable, toxic, or corrosive material, or if you’re building or renovating one, it’s vital to make sure the construction materials you used won’t negatively impact your operations, harm employees, or threaten public safety. We created safe and effective industrial facilities for the client.